How to conduct an interview

Interviewing people is a vital skill in design, in journalism and in research. If you blog (or aspire to) then interviewing is a fairly essential skill. The critical things to bear in mind are: do your homework first, enjoy it, ensure that your interviewee enjoys it too, record it appropriately, and make sense of it as soon as you can afterwards. So here’s some online advice and guidance.

How to conduct an interview like a journalist is based on advice from a ‘panel’ of journalists and bloggers.

Conducting an interview is excellent advice from the Open University, explaining different types of interview.

How to do a research interview is a youtube video that is designed for research students. While a little academic in approach, it is clear, and the advice given is very useful.

Interviewing for introverts – great blog post that is really for UX researchers, but the principles apply to all.

Steve Portigal is the expert on interviewing users for UX. This interview with him has useful general insights.

This BBC Academy material is brilliant. Yes, it is for journalists but again what we are interested in is how to listen, how to steer, how to get answers to questions we are interested in.


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