Rebecca Sarah Black + Ruby Coyne


This Friday we have two remarkable young designers joining us.

Rebecca Sarah Black is a contemporary jewellery designer maker based in the multi disciplinary studio space of Process Studios in Edinburgh. A JMD graduate of DJCAD, she hand carves bovine bone and works precious metal into statement, sculptural and wearable jewellery. Since graduating, she has developed her work and her craft business to stock both a commercial collection which is available online, and mix this with her statement bone work in shows and markets throughout the year.

We are also delighted to welcome Ruby Coyne, fashion graduate of Gray’s School of Art and currently based at Wasps Studios here in Dundee. She is the energetic force behind the label Dreamland Clothing that has quickly secured an enviable presence in the fashion market. An energetic entrepreneur, Ruby also manages an additional label Dreamland Vintage which was “….a way of generating income whilst studying, keeping at the back of my mind that this would help build the base of what I want to do.”

These two design entrepreneurs you will find inspiring and instructive as they chart their respective paths from art school to enterprising practice.


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