Assignment 1

Group Enterprise Research Project.

In groups of 3, 4, or 5, identify an appropriate enterprise to research and produce a 10 minute presentation about that business. This Presentation accounts for 50% of your mark for this module and will take place on Friday 17th February.

You will all know of designers and companies that you admire for the work they do, the products they produce but how much do you understand about how they operate as a business?

This is a 4 week project that will begin to develop your understanding and appreciation of what running a business entails. It will give you an insight into the creative sector and the different models of enterprise that operate within it. It should also encourage you to think about where your skills fit within the Market and what new skills you need to develop to reach your intended goals.

First week

• Establish your teams
• Identify the designer or company that you wish to research.
• Organise your team and plan your research.
• Email your team list and enterprise you will be researching to Claire Adholla:

Who to Research?

Try to make sure that you choose a different business than the other groups in your specialism.

When looking at who to research you may want to consider location as interviewing someone from the business is a big part of the assignment. Although this could be done via Skype.

Try not to limit yourselves, the aim of this module is to get you to look beyond DJCAD, make connections and network which will be beneficial to you once you graduate. So you want to research Dyson or Chanel…. why not…… you will find that many people in business are very happy to talk to students.

Your Team.

You will need to organise yourselves and your time really well for this project and function well as a team. Split the work up equally amongst yourselves. Assign roles to everyone, make sure you are using different peoples skills to their best effect. Someone may be really good at using PowerPoint, so maybe they have overall responsibility for the visual presentation. Someone may have the confidence and ability to communicate to large groups they could do the presentation or maybe you will consider that it is fairer to all do part of the presentation.

The way you organise this is entirely up to you but everyone must make an effective contribution. Set yourselves a task to complete each week. This group project will in a small way be similar to the challenges of running a business.

Your Blog

We encourage you to maintain a blog every week. This should be with your thoughts about how you are finding the research and what you are learning. Snippets of information about your research subject – but don’t tell us everything! Leave that for the presentation.

Remember to keep it professional, if you are having issues with your group don’t post it on social media! We will be encouraging you to start viewing your Blog as your digital identity as a Professional Designer.

Second week

• Do background research on designer/company.
• Update Personal Blog.

Look at the types of services/products the business offers. What type of business are they, sole trader, limited company? How big are they? How do they market themselves?

Only so much information can be found in the public domain and for the next part of your research you will need to gain a real insight into the business. You will want to organise an interview with someone from the business. The sooner you email or phone the better.

The interview could be done in person, via Skype or over the phone. As a last resort you could just do the interview by email but you will find that you will get a better quality of response through other methods.

To really gain an insight into the organisation and thinking behind the business. Get some idea of how the business started and developed. What are their values? What is their USP? How do they organise their business? Do they do everything in house or do they contract parts of their business out? How detailed is their business planning? What kinds of help and advice have they received over the years? What did they wish they had known at college?

Third week

• Conclude research and start making presentation.
• Update Personal Blog.

This whole week is set aside for self-directed study. You should aim to have most of your presentation finished for the end of the week.

Make the presentations visually exciting and engaging, use video, sound but make sure they will work.

Don’t be afraid to be critical of the business you are researching, is there anything you think they could do better.

Fourth week

• Presentation run through, finishing touches.
• Update personal blog.
• Assessment.

Use this week to run timings on your slides, fix problems and practice your presenting skills.

Your presentation times will be posted on the VLE. It will take place on Friday 17th February 2016. You will be assessed by the staff on the criteria below, this assessment accounts for 50% of your mark for this module.

Assessment criteria (all weighted equally):
• Do you demonstrate appropriate understanding of entrepreneurial activity and practices, and relevant issues in designing for markets?
• Have you shown evidence of understanding the organisational and practical processes involved in creating and sustaining a business venture?
• Have you undertaken relevant reading and research?
• Is your work communicated effectively using appropriate media?

So, does this all sound a bit intimidating? Let’s just see how previous students got on.


Be ambitious, find people who will challenge and inspire you. But above all, enjoy it!


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