Make a job, don’t take a job


The Creative Society is a UK campaign that has the support of leading figures in the arts, entrepreneurs, politicians from across the political spectrum and policy makers. They are active in nurturing creative talent and helping to promote the policies needed for a creative economy. They have a range of publications available for free download, including Make a job don’t take a job.

They are a campaign rather than a source of business advice, but creative entrepreneurs need to engage with and be active in such campaigns so that their voice is heard.


Best books for design business planning


I was going to recommend essential reading for planning a design business – but why do this when Patricia van den Akker of The Design Trust has done the job already?

The Design Trust is a vital source of information for anyone serious about design enterprise. In this blog post Patricia recommends five essential books. As she says:

“Here is my collection of business planning books that have really helped me over the years to help design and crafts businesses in a creative way to develop and even stretch their big ideas, to set great goals through a variety of techniques, but most importantly to get them into action and turn their ideas into reality.”

Not simply listing the books, Patricia also includes excellent summaries of their approach and content.

Made to stick

Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die | by Chip and Dan Heath 

Effective communication is essential in business. The best business ideas in the world will simply not take off unless you can explain them clearly and concisely, in ways that are made to stick.

You have to learn how to connect with your audience. This book explains why, and proposes methods and approaches to transform our storytelling abilities. This is a recommended book for the module. READ IT!

The $100 start up


So, can you really start up a business on just $100? In The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better to Live More, Chris Guillebeau argues that you can (just). While many of the examples he cites are in the digital realm (and to be honest selling a digital product for $100 is fairly doable) the value of the book lies more in how he motivates the reader to think in an enterprising way about what they can do. I’ve read it and would definitely recommend it to students.

Start it up

If you really are serious about being a design entrepreneur, then this book is worth reading. Luke Johnson is grew the Pizza Express chain from 12 restaurants to 250. He is also a chairman of the Royal Society of Arts and the former chairman of Channel 4. This book distills his knowledge and experience into one handy volume.

DJCAD graduate Joanna Montgomery has reviewed this book on her blog. As a successful entrepreneur herself, her views on the book are worth reading.