Make a job, don’t take a job


The Creative Society is a UK campaign that has the support of leading figures in the arts, entrepreneurs, politicians from across the political spectrum and policy makers. They are active in nurturing creative talent and helping to promote the policies needed for a creative economy. They have a range of publications available for free download, including Make a job don’t take a job.

They are a campaign rather than a source of business advice, but creative entrepreneurs need to engage with and be active in such campaigns so that their voice is heard.


Module support materials



There are three Pinterest boards set up specifically to support this module:

  • Design enterprise provides links to business support materials and resources.
  • Personal branding and social media has a range of links and resources on how to develop a brand and how to work on a social media strategy.
  • Career planning has information on applying for jobs and internships, writing CVs and general material on the future of work and employment.