Lauren Currie


This Friday Design Enterprise will welcome one of Scotland’s most dynamic service designers, design activists, educators and entrepreneurs. Lauren Currie graduated from DJCAD in both Product Design and our Master of Design programme. With Sarah Drummond, she established Snook, which has a world reputation as an innovative social design agency. She has been an advisor to the Chinese Government, has spoken at conferences and events throughout the world, and has a well deserved reputation as an inspiring speaker. She also writes for the Herald. In September 2014 The Observer newspaper put her on the front cover of the Review section as one of the nominated Top 50 Radicals – people who are changing Britain through social innovation.

She was recently appointed Programme Manager for MA Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island Manchester. Hyper Island is an international private university level education provider covering design, leadership, digital business and a range of other specialisms. She will be running a two hour workshop with us that promises to be a unique and valuable experience!

Here is a recent talks she has given…



Lean Startup Meets Design Thinking

This is a one hour conversation between three blokes. But it’s a massively important and interesting one. Kaili Emmrich of Google for Entrepreneurs moderates a hangout featuring Eric Ries (who wrote the seminal startup ‘Bible’ The Lean Startup), Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO and one of the founders of the idea of design thinking), and Jake Knapp of Google Ventures who develops agile methods like design sprints to support startups.

So how does lean, agile and design thinking all fit together? Some great stuff here. Eric Ries opens up by defining entrepreneurship as “the management discipline that deals with the condition of uncertainty.” Tim Brown follows this by defining design thinking as: “through an understanding of people, to craft materials and processes, to create things that meets the needs of people”. The three stages – understanding, craft, creation – are indivisible.

Design and craft students will be familiar with Google’s design sprint methodology as we use this for out modules Change by Design and 21st Century Designer. The Google link above provides materials, resources and information that can be used to run your own Sprint.

Lean Startup is worth understanding. If you’ve not yet read the book, then this video summarises the key concept.

Online module support


I’ve put together a new playlist of online courses and case studies that you can access via

Design Enterprise 2015 is a playlist of short courses and case studies appropriate for the current stage of your studies. I recommend that you go through Entrepreneurship Fundamentals within the first part of this module. Small Business Secrets is worth dipping in and out of if you see specific issues that interest you, but to be honest some of the issues are not relevant. The case studies are all interesting – whether or not they are your specific field. You will of course need to log in using your University username and password.