Module guide

Module Code DJ32005 Title: Design Enterprise Part 1 Credit Rating 30
Module Leader Mike Press
Description of the module and Aims Design and The Market aims to introduce you to enterprise culture and terminology and to place the practice of design within a business context. This module will encourage you to develop entrepreneurial skills and to support your development to enhance employability and /or advance your own independent business vision.  It will give you an appreciation of the complexity of enterprise planning and management and will develop individual and group skills in the design and development of new business ventures.Through and series of lectures, seminars and workshops you will be introduced to the creative economy, begin to look critically at contemporary business models and encouraged to innovate and design new ventures. You will also be given the opportunity to work with outside organisations and professionals to benefit from their knowledge and experience and develop contacts to aid you in your future careers.This module places considerable emphasis on self-directed work. You will be responsible for maintaining regular attendance at all time-tabled lectures, seminars and group tutorial sessions and for preparing any set tasks as required by the tutor. 

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module, students should be able to demonstrate:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • understanding the nature of entrepreneurial activity and practices
  • appreciating key issues in designing for markets
  • understanding the organisational and practical processes involved in creating and sustaining a business venture


Provide the capability to:

  • identify and evaluate a business idea for development
  • engage in appropriate research techniques to develop business ideas
  • communicate intent and progress persuasively using relevant media
Venue  Lectures will be held in Lecture Theatre TBC,Workshops to be held in Group Teaching Rooms TBC,Group and one to one tutorials to be held in seminar rooms and offices as arranged by Supervising Tutors.


Materials/equipment required A4 folder, notebooks, paper, pens, stapler, access to computer, printer, stapler, photocopier, internet, email, etc

Access to the library and media labs is required.


Preparation/support – reading lists etc.  Specialist reading lists, videos, exhibition information and other source material will be available on the VLE along with information and links to do with visiting lecturers, professionals and organisations who will be contributing to the module.


Deliverables/ Assignments You will be required to maintain a blog that summarises and reflects on all lectures. This blog will also report on your enterprise research project and personal enterprise proposal.Enterprise Research ProjectIn small groups of 2-4 students, you are required to identify and appropriate designer or company and do background research on their business. You will then visit them and conduct an interview. This will be reported back in the form of a team presentation, and each individual will summarise this presentation on their blog. The research will explore the issues of establishing a viable business, designing for markets, and sustaining a business model.Personal Enterprise ProposalYou will develop a proposal for researching and establishing a viable enterprise plan. This will detail the research required, sources of advice and information available, and objectives. This proposal will then form the starting point for your self-directed study in Year Four.


Assessment  The assessment of your progress will be formative and continuous, based on set written/oral submissions throughout the second semester.Attendance at lectures and seminars is monitored.

Enterprise research project – 50%

Personal enterprise proposal – 50%

Assessment criteria (all weighted equally):

  • Do you demonstrate appropriate understanding of entrepreneurial activity and practices, and relevant issues in designing for markets?
  • Have you shown evidence of understanding the organisational and practical processes involved in creating and sustaining a business venture?
  • Have you undertaken relevant reading and research?
  • Is your work communicated effectively using appropriate media?

Please be aware, work that is not submitted by the stated deadline may be liable for a late submission penalty of lowering of grade, award of a Fail grade, or non-acceptance of the work.  The only exception to this will be an agreed deadline extension by the Module Leader.

Student Feedback  All students will receive continuous progress feedback during group tutorials, and written feedback for both assessment components.Student feedback is essential: and a VLE online collated questionnaires for student feedback will be made availableStaff complete individual assessment feedback forms, followed by feedback interviews to students as required.


 Absence reporting If absent, or unable to attend, students will be expected to inform Carly Leiper at DJCAD reception register of attendance will be taken at the beginning of all lectures, Workshops and group seminars.Attendance to be given as % over the one taught day during semester.Students whose attendance falls below 80% will be required to meet with their programme leader to discuss their attendance problems, if no improvement is made in attendance students will be reported to the Dean’s Office.


Curriculum and timetable  A series of seminars and lectures covering a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, enterprise and business in design. Where possible, these will draw on the expertise of professional practitioners. Workshop days will cover pertinent aspects of business planning, law and management. Students will explore enterprise culture through either work placements or one day site visits, providing first hand insight into different business models.Indicative content

  • The future of work
  • Business and enterprise
  • Researching business
  • Sources of finance
  • Designing for the market

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