Reading List


It has NEVER been easier to set up in business – and succeed. Never. There are opportunities and practical tools to support you that simply did not exist a decade ago. But to know what’s available and how to use these resources, you have to read.

Some books are essential. Indeed one is vital and we use in on the module – the Creative Enterprise Toolkit. In fact it is so vital that here it is for free. Now we’ve made it easy to get hold of, please read it. We will go through it and use the worksheets during our workshops – but familiarising yourself with it early on would be helpful.

Certain blogs you just have to follow. Set up RSS feeds so that you do. If you don’t know how to do this then I suggest you download a free app called Feedly and read this.

And being on twitter and following the right people keeps you in touch with opportunities and developments as they happen. It also provides a vital first step in professional networking.

The reading list for this module includes a comprehensive list of online information sources.

Other material we find during the course of the module we will post in the resources section of this website.


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